What “All COVID-19 Protocols Will Be Observed” Really Means At Ghanaian Events

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“All COVID-19 protocols will be observed”.

One of the biggest jokes this 2020 right next to politicians.

It’s supposed to make us feel better about attending an event because…the pandemic is still a pandemic but… LOL.

When someone invites you to any event and specifically says “All COVID-19 protocols will be observed” , it’s supposed to mean there will be social distancing, no face mask no entry and hand sanitizers at vantage points.

But ha! This is what it really means:

“All COVID-19 protocols will be observed”

“You must absolutely wear your face mask or else we won’t let you in (you can beg tho, we will consider) but…once you get inside, whatever you do with your mask is your own business. Keep it on, throw it away…we don’t care.”

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“All COVID-19 protocols will be observed”

We will have a veronica bucket outside the venue so you can wash your hands. It’d be just one so by the time you are done singing your 3rd “happy birthday to you” to wash your hands thoroughly, there’d be a crowd of people around you breathing down your back. (social distancing? what’s that?)

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“All COVID-19 protocols will be observed”

Veronica Buckets are optional. You can choose to not wash your hands at all and just walk into the venue. No one will stop you.

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“All COVID-19 protocols will be observed”

Thermometer guns are just for show. Half the time we aren’t really checking your temperature. We are just going through the motions of pointing it at your head so we don’t really check to see if it’s normal or high. We can tell you your temperature if you want to know though.

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“All COVID-19 protocols will be observed”

Social distancing? Lol, that’s just a word we throw around. Please, feel free to hug everyone you know and sit as close as you’d want to. The spacing between the chairs, it’s just for show.

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“All COVID-19 protocols will be observed”

Sanitizers? If you didn’t bring your own dierr yawa because we won’t even gift cute small ones to you for coming for the event. Wahala for who no bring their own sanitizers.

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“All COVID-19 protocols will be observed”

Sorry…the taps aren’t flowing so you can’t wash your hands.

In conclusion, do whatever you want once the event starts. Ain’t nobody got time for COVID-19 protocol.

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See how ridiculous all that sounds like?

Yeah but that’s exactly what is happening EVERYHWERE! Events, workplaces, some churches…we have all really slacked and we are pretending we don’t know how you can catch the virus anymore.

Oh and a reminder… a LOT of people are asymptomatic (don’t show symptoms) and that doesn’t mean they can’t spread the virus.


COVID-19: Safety Tips for You
COVID-19 safety protocol measures via WHO

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