This Ghanaian Immigrant Went From Warehouse Operator To Making $500K Salary In 6 Years

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Prince Gbeku is a guy with a salary that would make anyone blush if they heard it. He was born right here in Accra, and like a lot of other Ghanaians, he thought the best way to make a decent amount of money was to travel abroad. He moved to Atlanta in 2011 with a net worth of about $300 to pursue a college education.

Prince currently works in Information Security, which is how he makes his very very enormous paycheck. However, at the start of his journey he barely knew what a programming language was. In fact, as he recalls, at his first programming class, he thought JAVA was a language that people spoke. Anyway, fast forward to now and the Information Security expert advises that anyone with an interest should enter the field. After all, Prince only pursued a Computer Science degree because he googled what the highest paying jobs were.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Anyone Can Do It …

You don’t have to be extraordinarily smart, but you should have a mind that likes to break things apart. Once Prince had decided to purse a Computer Science degree, he realized that he could not afford the tuition and still send something back home to Ghana. As a result, he worked for a year as a warehouse operator, even before he started his degree program. Even during his period of study, Prince worked other jobs in order to get by. He worked as a car salesman and as a valet. He believes that the lessons he learned from those jobs are invaluable to who he is now.

The life-changing moment for Prince, came in his third year of college when he got his first internship. The internship introduced him to Information Security and by the time that he had finished college had made his first 6-figure salary. Prince currently specializes in Information Access Management (IAM), and he believes that anyone can have the same success that he has had in the field.

See the full interview with Prince Gbeku below.

Source: The Minority Advantage


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