“Bad Girl” Qualities Every Guy Secretly Wants In His Girlfriend

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Most guys fantasize about having a “bad girl” at their side even though they know it won’t work and those “bad girls” can sometimes be complicated. Most of them aren’t interested in long term relationships and so dating them might be a problem but those ones are who some guys really like. Here are some “bad girl” qualities every guy secretly wants in his girlfriend.

1. They’re straight to the point

One of the things men hate is playing mind games and these “bad girls” know that. They know what they want and they say it as it is. If you’ve done something to hurt them they’ll come right out to tell you.

2. They are adventurous

One of the reasons why some men don’t want to get stuck in a relationship is because they think the relationship will result in a monotony. They don’t want the same routines over and over again and that’s where the bad girl quality comes in. Even if the guy is afraid of settling down, he knows that when he does with a girl who has these qualities, there would always be adventure, passion and excitement.

3. They’re flirty

They know how to flirt without being so obvious and can manage to turn you on by saying whispering a few words or doing certain actions and nobody would know. It’s about being discreet while subtly giving signs to your man. It always gets hotter and hotter as the relationship progresses because they’re fun, alluring and sexy talkers.

4. They’re independent

They’re hustlers because they know the stuff they want to achieve and they aren’t going to wait for someone to provide it for them; if you’ll help them out, fine but if you won’t too, they move.

5. Their style game is unmatched

A “bad girl” knows the secret behind attraction and knows that looks matter as much as personality.

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