6 Times You Shouldn’t Be Making Life-Altering Decisions

Our lives are as a result of the different decisions we make on a daily and there are some particular times when we need to relax, take a step back and analyse issues carefully before we make our next move otherwise we would put ourselves into trouble. Here are such times.

1. When you’re over excited

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The more excited you are, the more likely that you’ll spend too much money. Over excitement results in an underestimation of risks. Going to stake another bet because you won a recent one may not exactly end happily.

2. Right after a breakup

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Right after a breakup, you are sad and even depressed. You aren’t thinking straight. You tend to set your goals lower than you normally would. You’ll end up making wrong decisions.

3. Anger

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Because of anger, a lot of people are in jail. Anger can be very blinding and will let you make rash decisions you would regret. People have said things they can’t get back from because they were angry and their relationships have never been the same.

4. Anxiety

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Anxiety about one aspect of your life will end up with it spreading to other parts of your life, even if all the aspects are different. Anxiety ends up clouding your judgement and results in poor decision making skills. You end up running away from the decisions you have to make because your thinking is clouded.

5. Drunk/high

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I think we all know this by now. Due to drinking or weed, people have ended up cheating on their partners and even beating or insulting them.

6. When having sex

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Please, you’re all in your feelings; don’t try making rationale decisions during sex because you’ll regret it. You’ll end up promising things you don’t have and can’t even afford because you were feeling good about life.

Emotions certainly play an important role in the decision making process so make sure you’re in the right state of mind.

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