5 Things You Should Never Do To Your Lady Parts

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Your lady parts can take care of herself. She’s strong, she’s self-sufficient and she cleans up on her own; she doesn’t really need your help except for the Pap smears and HPV tests every five years, wearing breathable underwear, and avoiding UTIs, among other things but for some reason, people keep interfering with her work. Here are 5 things you should never do to your vagina.

1. Vaginal Steaming

Apparently this helps balance your female hormones but a number of doctors say that this claim is false. All you’re going to end up doing is burning your vagina because the skin over there is very sensitive. People also claim that vaginal steaming will clean out your uterus but that steam will never reach that side of town.

2. Douching

I know our parents and grandparents swear by this but giirrll, stop it! Douching, or shooting water inside the vagina to flush it out, is a big no-no. Everyone markets products for this purpose but all its going to do is mess up your pH. Just stick to using unscented soap to clean the vulva (just the outer part) and leave it to do its own internal cleanse.

3. Inserting unsanitary foreign objects

The only things that can enter include tampons, menstrual cups, fingers, lube, penis and sex toys among others. Things like sex toys and menstrual cups should be cleaned before use but unsanitary foreign objects like Cucumbers or bananas or other fruits and vegetables people use to “satisfy” themselves should be avoided at all cost.

4. Continuously wear tight trousers/jeans

You don’t need to throw them away but you need to alternate them with loose clothes. Wearing tight-fitting clothing all the time can lead to yeast infections or pressure acne, and no one wants either of those things so let your lady bits breathe.

5. Put substances in there to tighten it

I don’t care about the reviews you’ve read (those are easy to fake) or the influencers you saw swearing that it worked (they were paid), tightening products do not work. The “tightening” you feel there is as a result of the products drying out your hoo-ha which results in painful sex. There really isn’t any point. Your vagina doesn’t need tightening.

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Which of these are you guilty of doing? Let us know in the comments.

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