13 Men Talk About What They Are Looking For In A Life Partner

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The term “marriage material” has been thrown around a lot. For those who aren’t aware of its meaning, it refers to the quality(s) of someone which makes them suitable for marriage. We asked 13 different guys what they sought for in a life partner.

1. George, 25 years

I think if a woman is humble, smart and supportive, she’s someone I can marry. Also, she should be a giver and not just a receiver. As for the cooking dierr we can always order.

2. Vincent, 29 years

She must be my best friend, she should be supportive, smart, hardworking, attractive, shares my values, understands my dreams, goals and ambitions and her mind for really dey house.

3. Nathaniel, 26 years

For me, she should have a strong character and she should definitely know how to cook. I don’t mean to sound sexist but as a foodie dierr you need someone who can cook by your side. Plus she should be matured and smart; I lack those qualities so she for top up.

4. Jonah, 23 years

I think for me it’s about character and communication but character really stands out. If you have the right character I think your moral ethics will be fused into it; you’re God-fearing, you’ll have good communication skills and they always want to push you to the next level. Nobody is perfect but character is the thing for me.

5. Calvin, 25 years

If the woman is respectful, can cook and can take care of herself and another person.

6. Jude, 28 years

Honestly, I don’t think I’m looking out for any peculiar qualities except we have a connection, an understanding and we respect each other. We for vibe! That’s it.

7. King, 29 years

I think a woman qualifies as marriage material if she supports you in whatever you do. So far as there’s support, she gives you ideas or builds on your ideas. And oh! She knowing how to cook is also very important. She should be good in bed as well.

8. Elliott, 25 years

The woman I would like to marry should be someone with whom I can click with on every level. I need a friend; she’s got my back and I’ve got hers. I don’t really care if she doesn’t know how to cook or clean. I just need someone who I can talk to about any issue on my mind, someone who’s opinion I respect. Someone who has sense.

9. Eric, 24 years

Someone with a good character. Someone with wisdom. Someone who is proactive and is very selfless. Those are the qualities I want my future wife to have.

10. Timothy, 26 years

To me, someone who when you’re dating considers a lot of stuff. If you want to spend on her she’ll ask you to save it for other things. Someone who comes up with investment ideas so you know she’s also thinking about the future. She should also be able to wash and cook but those are just extras.

11. Theo, 22 years

Lol. I’ve never thought of this but I think anyone that makes me happy and makes me want to do more for myself is “marriageable” because she will definitely do same for our kids if she can do that for me.

12. Richard, 24 years

She should be fun, whether she’s a dominant or a submissive. No long things, She shouldn’t hold plenty grudges because it’s going to be a long ride.

13. Patrick, 21 years

A woman who is understanding, caring and faithful. Those are my top 3 qualities.

What makes a woman “marriage material” for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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