Take This GRAMMY Quiz And We’d Give You An Award

GRAMMY Awards image via BBC.com//Getty images

One of these genres of music was not recognized until 1989?

Rihanna, DJ Khaled image via Glamour.com
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The GRAMMYs was first presented in what year?

Lizzo Image via npr.org
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The first GRAMMYs was presented on May 4, 1959

Who was the first black rapper to receive a GRAMMY?

Jay Z and Beyonce
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Which artist has the most GRAMMY nominations in history?

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Quincy Jones has 80 GRAMMY nominations

Which of these rappers has never won a GRAMMY?

Rapper, J.Cole
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Which rapper has the most GRAMMY Awards?

Jay Z and Kanye West image via E! Online
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Jay Z has 21 GRAMMYs

What is the GRAMMYs named after?

Drake image via Social media
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You shaa!

The only award you deserve is one of Dr UN's awards
Well done!

You deserve your own GRAMMY


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