National Film Authority Warns Against Casting Calls For Pornographic Films

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The National Film Authority has warned Ghanaians against attending casting calls by alleged filmmakers who are actually producing pornographic movies.

According to the authority, it has witnessed such casting calls being advertised on social media and innocent Ghanaians falling victim to such filmmakers.

“It has come to the notice of the National Film Authorit, that persons purporting to be filmmakers are engaged or intend to engage in the unlawful act of shooting pornographic movies in Ghana and have advertised via social media auditions to lure innocent Ghanaians into this unlawful act,” a statement signed by the Executive Secretary of the National Film Authority Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante said.

She said the production and distribution of pornographic films go against Sections 20 and 28 of the Development and Classification of Film Act 935 and Sections 280 and 281 of the Criminal Offences Act 29.

“We also call on the public to report any such acts or suspicious of such acts which come to their attention to the NFA or call the police on 191,” Juliet added.

See the full statement below:

If you are an actor make sure you check out the people holding the auditions before doing anything on camera or even attending the auditions.


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