3 Convincing Reasons Why The Cinema Is A Lousy First Date Idea

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I think first dates are one of the most important dates because you get to know more about your partner in a personal manner; chatting through devices doesn’t do much justice. It is after this date that you make your decision whether or not to go for subsequent dates and whether or not it will end in an actual relationship. As a first date, I genuinely don’t think the cinema is a good idea. Here’s why.

1. There’s no interaction

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At the end of the date, what extra thing would you know about your partner? Nothing. Why? Because you cannot speak during the movie. All you do is to sit there, watch the movie and leave. You could have gotten to know more about them if you were to be texting them.

2. It gets awkward

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Sitting in the dark by someone you barely know while watching a movie can get really awkward really fast. Do you hold their hands? Do you share an armrest? Do you put your arms around them? In the end, instead of watching the movie, you end up worrying so much.

3. The movie might suck

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And then what would you do? You’ll be there wondering whether they’re enjoying the movie and you’re sure that even if you ask, they’ll say they’re enjoying it because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. This will probably result in your date sucking as well.

Don’t forget that the purpose of a first date is to get to know each other more. It’s almost impossible to do that in a cinema. You can’t develop a rapport with each other at the cinema. A second date is less awkward if you have built up a rapport on the first date. If you sit in silence at the cinema on a first date , the second date will feel just as awkward as the first.

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