The Entrepreneur’s Corner: Coming Up With The Perfect Name For Your Business

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The name of your business is usually one of the first things that customers are going to find out about the business. That means that when you’re picking a business name, you should put some thought into it. You want something that speaks for you product or service even when you’re not in the room to speak for that product. For example, Burger King and KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) are brand names that don’t leave a lot of questions, and that’s why they work. Here are some great tips to help you pick the perfect name for your business.

Avoid A Name That Is Hard To Spell

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You want customers to be able to find your business online as easily as possible. That means that your name should be simple to spell. You can imagine why it would be difficult for people to find a business like Snheaker Hub online.

Don’t Pick A Name That Won’t Let You Grow

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You don’t want a name that becomes limiting when your business is trying to grow. For example, Jeff Bezos started Amazon as an online book store. If the name had been “BestOnlineBooks” or something similar, it would have been hard for Amazon to grow into the multipurpose operation that it currently is.

Assess If Your Name Is Catchy

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Obviously, you want your business name to be something that you can say proudly. It should be a name that is catchy and feels good to say. You can simply ask family and friends what they think of a name that you have come up with and get their opinions. You might even get some suggestions from this process.

Use A Service To Help You Pick A Name

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There are some service that give you name options around your product or service. If you’re having trouble being creative and coming up with something yourself, you can use, Shopify Business Name Generator or

Above all, it’s important that you are personally happy with the name that you have chosen for your business.



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