The Best Kojo Antwi Collaborations We Should All Listen To In Celebration Of His Birthday

Kojo Antwi and King Promise for Bra

Kojo Antwi will be in everyone’s top 10 legendary Ghanaian music acts if we ever sat down to compile a list. The veteran’s music has been called timeless every single time and fortunately for us, he’s still here, serving us with great music.

Correct me if I am wrong but Kojo Antwi seems to rarely do features and from the few, I am aware of and have listened to, it seems the maestro really doesn’t need to be putting out a lot of features. You see, he’s had two features with Stonebwoy that just don’t do it for me (sorry but they just aren’t as seamless as I’d want) and I’m yet to see a feature chemistry as good as what he had with Nana Yaa (King Promise is a close second).

Let me know what features with Kojo Antwi you know of that are really dope in the comments section but before that, these are my fave Kojo Antwi collabs…so far.

King Promise – Bra ft Kojo Antwi

We know King Promise has an amazing voice but hearing him sing with Kojo Antwi is just pleasantly satisfying.

Standby Generator – Kojo Antwi ft Nana Yaa

We already established that Kojo Antwi has a voice that’s smooth as cream and on this song with Nana Yaa, I thoroughly enjoyed the duet style. Both artistes sitting with their backs against each other acting as the characters in their song asking why their love was being taken for granted.

Sikadam accoustic performance with Okomfo Kwadee

This is one of Kojo Antwi’s old songs. The original song doesn’t have a Kwadee feature but I am adding this to the list because this live performance where he introduced Okomfo Kwadee to drop some lines makes me happy. The song is a reflective piece about greed for money and what better rapper to perform this with than one who sounds like he speaks in proverbs?

Dome wu – Kojo Antwi ft Nana Yaa

Kojo Antwi and Nana Yaa obviously have great chemistry when it comes to music and this fun “I’m trying to ron you baby wossop” song is as beautiful as it is fun. Kojo Antwi practically chases Nana Yaa (you can actually hear and feel the banter in the way they each deliver their lines) while Nana Yaa coyly teases him and enjoys the chase.

Ps: the video is just as entertaining.

Amirika ft Nana Yaa

If you don’t know any Kojo Antwi song, you’d know this one. An amazing song and definitely the best collaboration between him and Nana Yaa.


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