Ransford’s Closet: Ghana’s Most Beloved Shoe Retailer.

A staple in Ghanaian fashion, and fashion in general, is shoes. Shoes are that last detail to tie a well thought out look together.

Shoes are that finishing touch to make you look your best and feel your best. Shoes are very important, especially to the average sneakerhead, and we have the best there is to ensure that you have the coolest of kicks to make you look your best always, and that is Ransford’s Closet.

It isn’t just by chance everybody in Ghana loves Ransford’s Closet. The power is in the detail, the authenticity of their shoes and everything in between.

From regular flip-flops to the fanciest of designer slides, to the coolest soles to the most high-end sneakers, Ransford’s Closet is truly unmatched when it comes to the best shoes.

The ultimate shoe plug and your favourite celebrity’s go-to, Ransford’s Closet is the place to be for anyone with a particular style of shoes or anyone who needs a change from their regular aesthetic.

They have every pair of shoes you need and more, and they are truly Ghana’s King of Kicks. The prices of their shoes would leave you coming for more because they are just that affordable.

Fuel your sneakerhead addiction and make it a point to visit Ransford’s Closet at Madina, Rawlings Circle, or reach out to them on Instagram @ransford.closet and on Twitter @ransfordcloset

Source: Kuulpeeps.com

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