Here’s What To Do When You Suspect That Your Partner Is Cheating

This is no situation anyone should be in but sadly, people fuck up without thinking of how bad it affects their partners. Your emotions will want you screaming at your partner but it isn’t the best way to handle the situation. Here are some of the best ways to handle the situation.

1. Assess the situation

I think it’s important to understand why you think your partner is cheating so you’re sure you aren’t overreacting. If your partner acts aloof, doesn’t feel like having sex, isn’t talking to you as much and even coming home late, it’s easy to assume that there’s someone else but sometimes, it’s just stress causing them to act that way or them struggling with something that they don’t want to tell you about yet. Don’t jump into conclusions.

2. Don’t be a detective

Don’t go snooping and looking for implicating information. If the suspicion persists, sit your partner down and talk to them about it. Sometimes there’s a reasonable explanation for why they’ve emotionally distanced themselves which may have to do with work or some other troubles they’ve found themselves in. Just be there and show them that they can confide in you about anything.

3. Write down your thoughts and questions

Writing down your feelings and questions can help you better understand exactly what you want to do and say when you talk to your partner so you don’t forget anything out.

4. Don’t accuse unless you have evidence

I cannot stress this enough. If you don’t have iron clad evidence that your partner is cheating, don’t go accusing them. Even if it’s true, it will break the trust in your relationship and things may never be the same again. Make sure you’re 100% certain before you accuse them.


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