Aftershaves And What They Really Do For The Skin

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The clue is in the name, “aftershave”: you literally use it to treat the skin after shaving. But that doesn’t really explain why it’s such a popular and important part of any man’s grooming arsenal.

So what’s the deal with it when you shave, you leave lots of tiny cuts on your face. This exposes your skin and leaves your pores more likely to absorb nasty bacteria.

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Aftershave contains chemicals that kill these bacteria, acting essentially as a sanitizer. So that’s the traditional use for aftershave, the reason it was originally invented – to help protect your skin from irritation and infection after shaving.

Over the years, however, aftershave has evolved a hell of a lot, and come to be used for many other purposes.

 Aftershaves make you smell great, they give you the masculine fragrance and that is mostly a big plus to why some aftershaves are preferable.

They also improve skin care and general health. It’s shocking but Not only does aftershave cool and soothe your skin after shaving, many actually help promote healthier skin and facial hair growth over a longer period of time. In fact, some aftershaves even feature essential oils that promote healthier blood flow.

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Lastly they moisturize the skin.

Many aftershaves also contain active moisturizing properties, which help your skin look more dewy and healthy for the rest of the day. When combined with a good quality moisturizer, this effect is obviously compounded. But even on their own, aftershaves can have a powerful effect on your skin.


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