3 Factors You Should Consider When Getting A Body Spray.

Bodysprays are one of those things that add up to everyone’s first impression. The fragrance your body spray gives amounts to over 30% of the mood people you meet in a day gives you, so you must pick one that suits you perfectly.

With these factors, you will definitely get a body spray that gives you that bold and exceptional presence you need.

1. Smell

The 6 Best Body Sprays for Men

Body spray isn’t like antiperspirants in that it blocks perspiration from forming on your skin.

Instead, body spray is used to “mask” your body’s natural odors, such as those caused by sweat. And that’s why scent is so important when choosing a body spray for men.

Which scent suits you best is a matter of personal preference.

But when you apply, your body spray may determine what type of scent you wear.

For instance, you may prefer wearing body spray in the evening rather than cologne – which has a heavier fragrance – so a spray with a more full-bodied scent that’s not overly-heavy is often a good choice.

Or, you may use your spray before heading out the door in the morning and prefer a lighter scent that’s noticeable yet very subtle.

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