Know Your Polling Station Officials: The Presiding Officer

An Electoral Commission Official verifying a voter (image: Peter Lewenstein/BBC)

On December 7, more than 230,000 Ghanaians will be assisting the Electoral Commission to run the 2020 General Elections nationwide.

The 230,000 officials will be dispatched to thousands of polling stations dotted around the country.

It is at these polling stations that Ghanaians will be able to vote for their choice for President and Member of Parliament for their constituency.

The most high profile official at the polling station is the Presiding Officer.

He or she has been hired and trained by the Electoral Commission to conduct the voting in that specific polling station.

The Presiding Officer is responsible for keeping order at the polling station and ensuring its proper setup and friendliness, especially to persons with disability.

He or she will be supervising all Polling Station agents and ensuring that only accredited persons are at the Polling Station.

After the polls are closed, the Presiding Officer will lead the counting of the ballot papers and declare provisional results indicating which candidate won the election in that polling station only.

In case you make a mistake on your ballot paper, you can ask the Presiding Officer to replace it for you.

Basically, the Presiding Officer is the boss at that polling station and you should address your voting challenges to him or her.


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