Awkward Moments We’ve All Had In Class That You’ll Hate Us For Bringing Up

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There are some moments in your past that make you cringe when you remember them. When you look back to your school days, you’ll realize that it’s filled with exactly those kind of moments. Here are some of the most awkward things that we have all experienced in school at one point or another.

That One Time When You Had To Say Your Name Like One Million Times

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If you have an unfamiliar name, then you probably hated it when you went to a new class and everybody had to introduce themselves. You would have to mention your name so many times that it began to feel like you were the one not saying your own name right.

That One Time You Were Caned In Front Of Your Crush

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One of the most embarrassing things could ever happen to you is being caned in class. It’s even worse when your crush us in the class and she watches try to hold in the tears from Sakora’s heavy lashes.

When You Had To Read Aloud And You Made A Mistake

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Reading aloud was one of the things that could truly make you nervous while in school. And the moment when you made a mistake, you just knew that things wouldn’t be the same for a while. That mistake just became your new name for all of your classmates, and they made sure that you wouldn’t forget it.

When You Were Talking To Your Friend And Your Teacher Just Watched You

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Sneaking around and talking to your friends while a teacher was teaching was one of the more exciting parts of school. However, sometimes your teacher would catch you, and just stop teaching. They would watch you until you realized that you had been noticed. Of course, at that point the lashes followed.

When You Were Called To Answer Questions By Force

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When a teacher asked a question and you didn’t know the answer, you would just pretend to be busy writing something in your book. Sometimes that worked, but there were some teachers who would call you to answer anyway. Fumbling your answer in front of the whole class is embarrassing in a way that you won’t get over easily.

Copying Homework In The Morning And Forging Signatures

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Ah all the little lies that we told. You would go home, get asked if you got any homework and you would say no. Then the next day you would make sure that you got to school early and found someone’s homework to copy. If you got caught forging a signature some very bad things would happen to you. But if you didn’t get caught, then glory!

Asking To Go To The Bathroom In French Class

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And then there was always that French teacher who wouldn’t let you use the washroom unless you asked in French. On top of being annoying they also exposed you for your 2 by 4 French.



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