3 Roles You Take On Without A Choice Once You Are A Younger Sibling

You might think having a full-time job is a lot of stress (for the most part, it is), but if we’re talking about real stress here, it is at an all-time high when you’re a younger sibling.

It’s a thing only younger siblings can understand and it is truly a world on its own.

Here are 3 roles you’ll play until you die when you’re a younger sibling.

Mr./Mrs. Fix-It

Fix It American Housewife GIF by ABC Network - Find & Share on GIPHY

Is it just me, or when you’re a younger sibling, you’re expected to know how to do and fix everything? Some might say older siblings do it best, but sometimes, if not all the times, every younger sibling has to have some level of experience when it comes to…well, everything

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