What’s The Worst Thing That Happened To You After A Breakup?

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A Twitter user shared her experience about what went down when she broke up with her ex and asked other users to share their experiences as well. Some of the experiences were a little funny but others too… WOW! Stuff like this make you wonder if your ex’s were ever truly in love with you.

Check out some of the responses.

1. Just stop it😹😹😹

2. Why would anyone do this?

3. This is so painful

4. This is so wrong on every level!

5. The last point😹

6. No no no no 🤭🤭🤭


7. It’s always those they tell you not to worry about…

8. It’s the audacity for me😹

9. Oh!


10. “Went on a holiday”… with someone else?!


These comments are just as I said… WOW! Do you have any experiences you would like us to know about? Let’s interact in the comments section.

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