NHIA Cautions Public Against Fraudsters

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The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has cautioned the general public against some imposters collecting people’s Ghana Cards under the guise of helping them to link it to the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card.

Executive Management in a disclaimer stated that the Authority has not in any way sanctioned such doubtful actions and thereby advised the public to beware of such imposters and report them to the law enforcement agencies.

The Authority reiterated that no persons have been contracted to do the linkage because it is free.

The statement further explained that the actions of such imposters are unrelated to the objective of the linkage which is to make it possible for holders of the Ghana Card to access healthcare at any of the Authority’s credentialed health facilities across the nation.

Executive Management regrets that some people have already fallen victims of such unscrupulous plot and advised residents in Ghana to simply dial the shortcode *929# and follow the prompts to link their NHIS card to the Ghana Card.

People are also encouraged to use the same short code for membership renewals at their own convenience.

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source: CNR

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