10 Ghanaians Talk About The Craziest Things They’ve Done For Love

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Love makes us do a lot of crazy stuff that we don’t realise until much much later, especially when the relationship has ended. Even if people advised us against doing whatever we were doing, we wouldn’t have listened because we were head over heels.

We asked a couple of people about the craziest things they’ve done for love and the responses cracked us up so bad! Here are some of them.

1. Nicholas, 26 years

I went to see my girl and we were hanging out in her room. Her dad had travelled and we didn’t know he would be back that night. Her little brother came to tell us when her dad arrived and I had no option than to go under her bed because it was one door; one way in, one way out. I left her house at 4:30am.

2. Dominic, 24 years

I liked one girl who lived in Kasoa. That particular day, I had runsto but she told me that she was the only one at home so I moved from Sakumono to Kasoa with my runsto. Bro! I don’t know how I survived the traffic on the way. In the end too I didn’t see her. Chest pains.

3. Sofia, 24 years

We were on vacation and my boyfriend lived in Kumasi. Because I missed him, I lied to my mum that I had an ushering gig and so I had to leave the house at dawn the next day. I booked a 6 am flight to Kumasi with money my uncle gave me for my savings and went to see him. I spent about GH 700 on transportation and used the remaining GH 300 to chill while there with him.

4. Lily, 25 years

Hmmm, as3m wei. I sold my phone and gave the money to my then boyfriend. Not knowing he went to use it to sponsor his side chick’s birthday.

5. Vincent, 27 years

Love made me devote 2 years of my life caring for a girl I nearly dated only to find out later that she didn’t care about me at all.

6. Ivan, 25 years

I was coming back to Ghana from the States and my girlfriend at the time told me she wanted some skincare products. It was a very last minute thing because I was already at the airport. I still went to shop for these items at the airport and you know how everything is expensive there. I spent about 350 – 400 dollars on the products and I added them to my hand luggage. I wasn’t allowed to carry them since stuff like that were supposed to be added to your main luggage. They threw all the products in the bin in front of me. I was almost in tears. I came to Ghana and still bought the products here for her.

7. Justin, 26 years

I was in a 3 in a room on Legon campus and my girlfriend was in a 4 in a room. She cheated on me and her roommate came to snitch on her and I found out everything. We eventually settled it and she started feeling some type of way staying in her room and so I, the fool in love, took money from my account and went to rent a 1 in a room at Evandy for her when I was still in a 3 in a room. This girl furnished the place with my money as well and in the end, she still cheated on me with the same guy. This time she had the freedom to do as she pleased because she was the only one there. We broke up 2-3 months after.

8. Audrey, 24 years

I was doing my National Service and immediately I got paid one time, I took GH 300 out of the small GH 559 to give to the boy I was dating. He promised to pay me back soon and I kept reminding him about it. He eventually started paying me bit by bit but that way, you don’t feel the money like when the full amount is given to you at a go. Even the bit by bit payment saf he stopped. Herh! Don’t dash your money to boy oo! You’ll regret!

9. Ivy, 26 years

This might not be much but because of love I gave this guy my last GH 20. I did not have any money on me apart from this and I wasn’t sure how I was even going to eat. Lmao! Kwasiasem akwakwa.

10. Lyla, 27 years

Hmm! As3m wei. I swam in the sea because of love. In my defence he was looking sexy asf and so I joined him in the water. We swam in the deeper parts of the ocean where I never thought I would go. I don’t think I would have ever explored the sea like that if I didn’t love him enough to feel safe.

Lol. Now that you’ve read other people’s stories, have they reminded you about yourself? What was the craziest thing you’ve done for love? Let’s interact in the comments section.

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