5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bother With Dating Apps In Ghana

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If you’re bored and you think giving dating apps a chance is a good ideas, bro just forget it. Trying to use a dating app in Ghana is such an extreme sport. There are so many ways that it could go wrong, and we’re here to tell you every single one of them. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t bother with dating apps in Ghana.

You’ll Get Zero Matches

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So you create your profile, update it with all your killer picture and complete it with a bio that would make Shakespeare humble. You expect to get so many matches that you can’t choose who to talk to. But then, time goes by and nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. How does your self-esteem even survive that?

Top Tier Boring Conversations

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When you finally get a match, you get excited for all of one minute. The excitement corrects itself when your epic opening line is responded to with, “K. We thank God.” Honestly, if you don’t smash your phone against a wall, I would call that a win.

Slow Down. Women At Work

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There are lonely men on dating apps. That is the target market for sex workers. You’ll match with someone, send them a message and get their hourly rates back as a reply. And that’s probably the most interested anyone on the app is going to be in you. RIP.

You Have To Sum Yourself Up Into A Bio

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How do you put all your pros into less that 100 words into a bio. In fact, writing a bio will make you realize just how depressing your life is. And that’s just more stress than the app is even worth in the first place.

You Have To Pay For Stuff

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So these apps are arguably trash when you’re Ghana. However, they do have some promising features that will catch you eye. Of course, all of those features are behind a paywall. You have to get the full version of an app which is usually priced ridiculously. You might as well order some food and eat the loneliness away.

Have you ever tried one of these apps? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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