Twitter Users Kick Against Twitter’s New Offering – Fleets

Twitter fleets

Twitter has released a new product offering to its users.

Called Fleet, it allows users to send tweets that will disappear after 24 hours.

Kayvon Beykpour, the company’s product lead, said the new feature would allow people to post thoughts they might have felt uncomfortable sharing publicly.

He said posting on Twitter can feel “permanent and performative” which can intimidate some users.

“We’re hoping that Fleets can help people share the fleeting thoughts that they would have been unlikely to Tweet,” he wrote in a seven-part post on Twitter.

However, Twitter users are not keen on the Snapchat like feature.

Though it seems Twitter users are kicking against this new update, Twitter believes it’s here to stay.

Especially based on the fact that while people are complaining about it, others are also using the feature nonetheless.

Twitter came out with shade saying “some of you hating… but we see you Fleeting.”

Let’s give it a week. You’ll get used to it.


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