Adebayor Pulls Out His Twerk Game On Medikal’s “La Hustle” Song

Emmanuel Adebayor

Togolese footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor is basically a Ghanaian now.

He lives in Accra almost all the time and he has successfully assimilated into the Ghanaian culture.

He has built a network of celebrity friends including Stonebwoy and Funny Face. Now we know he is a fan of Medikal’s music as well.

In a latest video shared on Medikal’s Instagram page, Adebayor can be seen boogying down to Medikal’s hit song ‘La Hustle’.

What caught our attention is that Adebayor was not just pulling out conventional dance moves, he was actually twerking.

At one point, to ensure that he got the twerking right, he moved next to a wall, placed his hands on the wall and shook that booty.

Adebayor is hilarious!


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