9 Absolutely Hilarious Videos Of Trump And Biden On Social Media

Trump meme via Business Insider

The best thing about the US elections are the jokes.

The jokes laughing and teasing Donald Trump and the videos giving Joe Biden fans are so hilarious!

I have been putting these videos together and…well, here’s Trump being Trump and Joe Biden being cool.

Strike and strike and strike and….

This video of people slapping Trump on the head should be on loop!!

The 2020 US elections summed up:

The funniest video of them all lmao

This Avengers version of the elections is everything!!!

This animated version of Biden dancing to Cardi B’s WAP

Joe Biden but as John Cena

Not Joe Biden stopping his speech midway to jam to E.L’s Still Pappin

The funniest thing about this video is, it’s a mashup of real events lmao

Love the internet!

Source: Kuulpeeps

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