5 Things Women Don’t Have Be Ashamed Of During Their Periods

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So seeing a post yesterday on Twitter got me thinking…

Honestly, why are women made to feel ashamed or embarrassed for a body function that inevitable and plays a huge part in their lives?

It’s bad enough that you have to deal with the thousand and one symptoms, but now you cannot do any of these very normal things without being shy or shamed.

Hiding your pad

Every girl knows the sleeve trick. Hiding your pad inside your shirt sleeve or subtly putting it into your pocket or purse so noone sees that you are going to change your pad. It almost feels like smuggling cocaine and the horror when someone notices…

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Staining yourself

Shit happens! Sometimes periods come early or unexpectedly for many reasons or sometimes, there’s a mishap with the pad and yes you’d get stained. Like I said, shit happens! There’s no point being so embarrassed you almost want to hide. What’s worse is others noticing before you and rushing to you like you mistakenly dropped your vagina in a gutter.

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Buying products

Yes, it’s so bad some people are shy to actually buy sanitary pads in public. But, if you are unbothered enough to buy some, best believe you’d get at least one person looking at you weird like you have an aborted fetus in your hands, waiting to be paid for.

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Saying you’re on your period out loud or to a guy

For some reason, it is a taboo to admit that you are on your period out loud or to any male friend or man. You say it and everyone (including women) looks at you weird. You’d be surprised the number of people who think it’s inappropriate to admit or say you are on your period. That’s why we have hundreds of dumb nicknames for it and even that one might get a few looks your way.

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Fully experiencing your period symptoms

Have cramps? You have to “man up” and odenhyii your way through work because apparently “it’s not an excuse” and oh yeah the jokes downplaying your pain and exaggerating your emotions…shut up, please.

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Ladies, periods are a part of us. We don’t have to be shy about it.

Gentlemen and others…stop mocking at and shaming women for these. Allow them feel free and safe enough to talk about it and go about their business.

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