5 Frustrating Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re The Older Sibling

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Being the oldest sibling helps you learn certain virtues like patience and kindness very very early in life. Being the firstborn can be so hard at times. Even though you get to boss around your little siblings around, there’s just a lot of responsibility you need to learn to deal with. Here are some frustrations only older siblings can relate with.

1. You’re always being blamed for everything

Apparently, you’re older and so you should know better. Even if you weren’t around when whatever your siblings did happened, you would always be blamed because… well why weren’t you around? There’s no winning situation here for you.

2. Your parents were stricter on you

Right now your little siblings can go out and come back at certain times in the evening but they did not experience the struggle you went through to pave that way for them since your parents were waayy stricter. They can even bring friends of the opposite sex into the house now. Those times, you wouldn’t be caught dead with the opposite sex outside school before they call you a bad boy/girl.

3. You have to share everything

Especially food. Siblings are always hungry for some reason and anytime they see you eating or with food, they find a way to come sit across you and stare at you and your food until you get tired of them and give them some. If you don’t want to share too, they’ll report you to your parents who will force you to share with them.

4. You’re under more pressure to succeed

You’re the first born. It’s expected of you to help your parents take care of the house and your siblings. Most first borns are always under pressure to cater for themselves and their families. They’re almost always the secondary parents.

5. Driving your siblings everywhere

If you don’t even have a car yet, you’re still the one who always has to send them wherever they want to go, for example, a birthday party, and stay there with them until they’re done even if you have absolutely no interest in spending your whole day there with them.

Which of these do you relate with more? Let us know in the comments section.

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