15 People Talk About Minute Things About Their Partners They Love

Image of a meme via twitter

Some days on social media just make you realise how lonely you are without a partner. Recently a Twitter user asked people to talk about the minute things their partners do that they absolutely love and the responses had us asking “God when?”.

Image of a meme via twitter

Join us as we go through some of the responses and feel bad about our love lives.

1. Repeat after me, God when?

2. Hmmm…


3. Who’s cutting onions? *sniff*

4. Ominous…

5. Excuse me but does someone call you Ohemaa?


6. Wahala for who no get surprises oh!


7. Do you have love?

8. We have no words

9. I don’t know about you but this made me smile

10. Does your lover have a car you can be romantic in?

11. God please we are ready for ours


12. Do you have someone who’s eyes light up when they see you anaa y3nko heblews?


13. *sniffs*

14. Someone has a whole list and you’re sitting there

15. Don’t worry, this is the last one

Have you already started begging God for your own love yet?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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