12 Things That We Hate About Every Job Ever

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Get a good job, make some money, get married and then have kids so that they can also come do those exact same things. If you think you love your job, let me ask you one question. Would you still love your job if you had a million dollars? Didn’t think so. The fact that we have to work at all aside, here are some of the worst things about work that we all secretly or not so secretly want to run away from.

The Money

Frankly, it doesn’t matter how much you’re paid. If you’re not taking 10K cedis every month, there is room for improvement!

Bad Customers

You go to work, and you’re just trying to get through the day. But there will always be those customers whose behaviour is so bad that they make you wish that they ‘d just take their business to the competition.

Having To Take The Blame For Other People’s Mistakes

There are some conversations that you just can’t escape. Like the one where you’re being blamed for something that your supervisor did, but if you say anything, you’re still going to be stuck alone with that supervisor later.

Boring Tasks

You go the university for four years to land a job that brings you fulfillment as a human being. A job that makes you feel like you’re worth something and have value. Instead, you end up filling forms that any primary five student can fill.

Micromanaging Superiors

These type of superiors just nitpick every single detail when it comes to your work. I’m sorry, do you want to tell me what font to use for this document as well.

Having To Show Up

Imagine having a job, and they expect you to actually show up. As in wake up, wear clothes and be there in person. Is this what a crime against humanity feels like?


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