How I Got From Taking Pictures For Fun In Ghana To Modelling In Ukraine

Photograph Of Issah Tee Adbul Razak (@issahthesheep_)

Issah Tee Abdul Razak, or as you’ll find on his colourful Instagram page, @issahthesheep_, is a model in Ukraine. He’s currently in the country studying Telecommunications in the university, and does modelling work part-time.

For someone who started out taking pictures to impress girls and just for fun in Ghana, Issah has come quite a way. These days, he’s a professional who’s working to form the right connections to help grow his brand.

The Things That Let Modelling In Ukraine Make So Much Sense

When you’re starting out as a model in Ghana, not all gigs are paid. Sometimes, you work just to get your name out—you take gigs for exposure, which isn’t the best outcome for you. That and other reasons, made it easier for Issah to get his start in Ukraine. Some photographers there saw his Instagram and reached out. And those people offered money for his time.

From there, Issah dove headfirst into the deep end of modelling. He had never worked as a model professionally, and had almost no experience, other than his own personal escapades in front of a camera. He relied on his passion for the job to get through in the beginning, but as time went by, he learnt how things work.

Any particular gig brought more exposure for him, new images for his feed, and of course, he got paid by the photographers. Here’s the really beautiful part—there are also royalties that Issah is paid whenever his pictures are used. Basically, his portfolio will keep generating a passive income.

For Issah, It’s All About Balance

Issah juggles a lot of activity in any given week. We’ve mentioned he’s a student. And then there’s his model work, his part-time work as a sports photographer and there’s also football, a hobby that could possibly be more.

He lives a busy life. As a result, there’s a certain value that Issah puts on his time. He makes sure that when he’s scheduling a gig, it’s a time that works for him. Not something that he’s going to have to shuffle through his schedule to find time for.

An important thing Issah also mentions doing, is relaxing himself when he’s free. That ensures that he’s in the best possible frame of mind when he has to work.

Issah has a lot of plans, and he hopes for the best out of all of all them. But Issah is also a person who understands that,

sometimes, Patience Is Key.




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