Die Hard And 8 Other Classics That Should Be In Your Christmas Movie List

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There are Christmas movies and then there are Christmas movies. You might think that that sounds like nonsense, but hold on, let me explain. There are movies that are revolve around the Christmas holiday, like the Grinch and Home Alone. Those aside, there are also some non-Christmas themed movies that it has become tradition to watch around the holidays. Here’s a list, so you know exactly what you’re watching this Christmas.

Die Hard

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Remember that one time … or two, or three times that Bruce Willis said Die Hard is not a Christmas movie? Such a kidder that Bruce Willis. Who doesn’t watch Die Hard at Christmas? There’s nothing that captures the Christmas spirit like watching badass detective John McClane kick some terrorist butt. Definitely a Christmas classic.

Love Actually

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This film is one of the best romantic comedies to watch around Christmas. It’s a fun watch because you’re following 8 different love stories that happen around the holidays. Love Actually is a fun watch and it will hit you right where it counts. No, not in the nuts. Why would you say that?! It will hit you in the feels.

Harry Potter

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“The boy lives …” It would be hard to remember the first time that you heard that iconic line, but this movie’s place on this list is unquestionable. There’s nothing like a good dose of nostalgia and Hogwarts magic to watch around the holidays.

Lord Of The Rings

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Another classic fantasy franchise that we watch around the holidays. You can’t explain it, but the epic battles, the fight for the ring, the different armies coming together and all of that make this just right for the holidays.

The Hobbit

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The Hobbit trilogy comes with the same appeal as the original, but with new stories and a very very cool dragon, if I do say so.


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