6 Perfume Hacks That Will Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

We would all love to smell great the whole day without having to reapply our perfumes again but after 4-5 hours the fragrance wears off. It’s one of 2 things. It’s either the perfume isn’t authentic or you’re not applying it right. Today, we are focusing on the latter point as we talk about how to make your fragrance last longer (once you’re sure it’s authentic).

1. Apply right after your shower

The shower cleanses your body of any other scents and opens your pores, which helps the scent absorb. Completely dry your skin and then spray.

2. Apply on clothes

Be careful with this point though since some fragrances will leave permanent stains on fabrics, metals, and pearls. You would have to be selective about the points where you would apply the perfume on the clothes.

3. Apply to your pulse points

Pulse points include the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind knees and the inner elbows. These spots produce heat, which can help the fragrance to emanate from your skin into the air.

4. Add vaseline

Rub a small amount of Vaseline onto your pulse points before application. The balm will act as an additional moisturizing lock for the scent, helping it last even longer.

5. Don’t store your fragrances in your bathroom

Heat, light, and humidity will break down the perfume and lessen the quality and intensity of the fragrance. Instead, store your perfume bottles in a cool, dry place, like on the vanity in your room and away from windows. (Source: cosmopolitan.com)

6. Apply your body lotion first

The oilier you’re skin, the better your fragrance holds.

Which of these are new to you?

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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