The Top 5 Songs On Rocky Dawuni’s Voice Of Bunbon Vol. 1 EP

Rocky Dawuni
Rocky Dawuni cover art for Voice of Bunbon Vol. 1

The first GRAMMY nominee from Ghana, Rocky Dawuni recently released a new project, Voice of Bunbon Vol. 1. The reggae dancehall artiste is known for his unique Afro Swing sound…a blend of Reggae, Afrobeat, Highlife and Soul music and on the project, you can easily see the GH influence.

My First Grammy Nomination Paved The Way For More Ghanaian Artistes - Rocky  Dawuni
GRAMMY Award winning reggae/dancehall singer songwriter and producer, Rocky Dawuni. Image via Instagram

The 8 track project is a simple and beautiful collection of songs which almost looks like it’s in two parts: the reggae music and the highlife infused songs. I couldn’t bring myself to rank my top 5 so…here they are, in no order:


Difference has become my go-to morning devotion song. It’s such a great kick-starter and is the first song on the EP. Rocky Dawuni’s voice is so pleasant, I was stuck on this song for a very long time, keeping it on repeat before going on to finish a complete listen of the project. It’s easily a motivating song and gets me in a great mood for the day.

My Baby

The instrumentation on My Baby is everything. The cultural influence from Ghana he says is deeply rooted in the EP is so evident in this song. My Baby sounds like one of those old school highlife songs our parents must have danced to when they were young. It’s such a pretty love song and for me, that’s such a great thing for an emotion that’s always considered beautiful.

Gonna Take It Easy

This song is in my self formed “Side B” section of the EP I call, the reggae division. The reggae rhythm of the guitars and drums and the lyrics make the song exactly what you think it’d be: a feel good jam that makes you want to kick off your shoes and dance barefoot. I swear it’s almost like a sonic massage. You’d immediately fell less stressed when listening to it.


Woara…another jam. It’s another simple minimal production filled song that’s beautiful in its simplicity. The kind of song that makes you think of a typical village romance kind of love where the lovers just chill by the riverside having the time of their lives just being in each other’s arms.

Beautiful People

I looove this song. You all know how Reggae music generally and naturally preaches positive messages…this song does just that. Beautiful People is like a message from Rocky Dawuni acknowledging that we are all going through many things but there’s one thing we have, that he’s giving to us that transcends all languages and barriers: music.

Listen to these and the whole project on all streaming platforms here: Voice From Bunbon Vol. 1


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