Quiz: Can You Tell Which Song Davido Sang This On?

Davido image via Ghana Celebrities.com

Which song did Davido say this:

"And on the beat is Davido and I'm driving all the girls crazy oh"

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"She likey my song...Her favourite artiste na Davido"

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"When I look into your eyes, all I see is your waist"

Davido via Billboard
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"Oboy you don dey do too much"

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"Shake it ooo, take it, I wanna catch it ooo , take it"

via gfycat
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"If your behind was my Casio, I will never never miss school"

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"I want to do you whatever you want! Freaky, freaky for you"

via YouTube
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Davido's music is everywhere...EVERYWHERE and you still failed?? Tuehh


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