Let’s Get You Hired: How To Make Your CV Show Both Your Skills And Experiences

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We’ve already talked about functional CVs and chronological CVs. One of those focuses on your skills for a particular job, while the other focuses on your relevant work experience. The combination CV that we’re talking about this week is a combination of both of those types of CV.

It answers questions about any gaps in your work history, while also highlighting your skills and capabilities that make you suitable for a particular position.

How To Create Your Combination CV

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Your combination CV should have first, your skills and experiences. Then you follow that up with your work history, putting the latest position at the top, and working your way down to the first position that you held. This CV type works if you’re looking to change career fields. In that case, your job history will no longer reflect your career direction. The combination CV will highlight your skills in this case. Additionally, it will also make sure that employers don’t just entirely overlook the time spent in your previous career fields.

The Structure Of A Combination CV

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

A combination CV starts with a qualification summary. The qualification summary will is where your CV tells what exactly qualifies you for a role. The qualification summary is also a good place to include keywords that will allow your CV to catch a hiring managers attention.

After that, you follow up with a section that covers your work history into detail. For a reference, find anexample of a combination CV below.

Sample Combination CV Reference

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