Legon Admissions Closes On November 19, Be Guided By These Cut Off Points

university of ghana legon
University of Ghana, Legon

With the 2020 WASSCE results out, Senior High School graduates can confidentely apply for tertiary programmes based on their results.

This helps that the University of Ghana, Legon has kept its admissions portal opened all this time.

However, applicants have till November 19 to submit their applications for undergraduate programs at the university.

It’s painful to apply for university programs and not get accepted.

That’s why you need to make sure that your WASSCE results are at least the same or better than the cut-off points for the program you want to apply for.

See below for a list of programs and their cut-off points. The cut-off points in brackets are those for women applicants.

2019/2020 Undergraduate Admissions Cut-off Points 
ProgrammeCut-off Points
College of Basic and Applied Sciences 
Biological Sciences20
BSc. Agriculture24
Earth Sciences20(21)
Agricultural Engineering24
Biomedical Engineering11(12)
Computer Engineering10(11)
Food Process Engineering22(23)
Materials Science & Engineering24
Family & Child Studies24
Food & Clothing24
Information Technology12
Mathematical Sciences15(16)
Physical Sciences24
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine16(17)
College of Health Sciences 
BSc Nursing 10
BSc Midwifery11
BSc Medical Laboratory Sciences13
BSc Physiotherapy16
BSc Dietetics17
BSc Occupational Therapy 21
College of Education 
BSc Education 24
BA Education 22
Bachelor of Arts Distance30
BSc Administration  Distance30
BA Education (JHS Specialism)22
BA Sports and Physical Culture24
BSc  Information Tech. Distance22
College of Humanities 
Bachelor of Laws6
BSc Administration 7(8)
Bsc Administration Fee Paying14
BSc Administration  City Campus24
Bachelor of Arts – General Arts Background     15(16)
Bachelor of Arts Fee Paying22
BA- Business/Science/ Vocational Background12
Bachelor of Arts City Campus24
Bachelor of Fine Art24

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