All The Apple Music Playlists By iMullar For Every Mood And How To Submit Your Music

Apple Music playlist
iMullar Playlists in Apple Music

iMullar is officially a playlist curator for Apple Music and that’s a huge deal! It’d make them the second Ghanaian curators to be partnering with Apple Music. If you don’t know, this is a huge deal because you have to be doing something right for Apple Music to reach out to you!

For artistes, playlisting does a lot for your music as it can help increase streams and for music lovers, you can have access to a variety of music and get introduced to new sounds just by listening to these regularly updated playlists!

“We promise music lovers the very best version of editorial playlists curated by the in-house team”

Maxwell Adjavon, employee Number One.

Take a look at all the playlists and add them immediately by tapping on the links against each playlist.

Ps: There’s something for everyone…afrobeats to hip-hop to staying up to date with new songs.

Hot Off The Press

Apple playlists
Hot Off The Press cover art via iMullar

Featuring some of the hottest tunes coming fresh out the forge and straight to your speakers. This playlist is the transit point for potential bangers and songs you’d leave on repeat. Enjoy tunes from Afrobeats, Alte, Hip-Hop, R&B and more.

Listen to it here: Hot Off The Press Playlist

Alte Wave`    

Apple Music playlists
Alte Wave playlist cover art via iMullar

Dive into the new wave of alternative sound from the streets of Accra, Lagos, Khartoum, more…through to the diaspora. Alte Wave covers some of the hottest and insanely talented emerging stars of the new generation currently making waves. They’re making their way up the charts by blending and bending genres to bring an immersive experience to listeners. Tunes that rock your boat should find their way to your own library.

Listen to the playlist here: Alte Wave


Apple Music Playlists
AUX playlist cover art via iMullar

Being the car DJ is a huge responsibility. You have to be constantly thinking of what song to play next so you don’t kill the vibe. You’re probably not enjoying the ride. So, plug-in the AUX and savour the moment with friends, we’ll handle the music.

Listen to the playlist here: AUX Playlist


Apple Music Playlist
Fueled playlist cover art via iMullar

There’s no better feeling than finding the right kind of music to keep you energized, focused and locked in. Fueled is the perfect balance of uptempo but relaxed tunes—covering the best in recent pop, dance, hip-hop, R&B and more—it’s designed to inject that extra shot of motivation to drive a productive time. We regularly update these tunes. If you’re fueled by a song, it should definitely be added to your library.

Listen to the playlist here: Fueled Playlist

Sundress Season

Apple Music Playlist
Sundress Season playlist via iMullar

Simmering hot afternoons melting into the warm summer nights call for the need to let loose and vibe to the perfect cocktail playlist. Take this trip with us as we create a blend of your favourite Afrobeats and Highlife sounds fused with some Alté, Dancehall, Hip-hop and a dash of R&B.  You’d appreciate this more on your ideal beach days, poolside lounging, drop-top cruising, and everything in-between. Best enjoyed with a sweet one and some ice.

Listen to the playlist here: Sundress Season Playlist

Afrobeats 2.0

Apple Music Playlist
Afrobeats 2.0 playlist cover art via iMullar

Specially curated  to offer the best of the popular and ever-changing Afrobeats genre, this playlist thrives on the different sounds and styles to deliver the most eclectic—and exportable—sounds in contemporary music, mixing with everything from highlife, trap, dancehall to R&B and even house. Our editors regularly refresh this playlist with new music. If you see anything you like, add it to your library.

Listen to the playlist here: Afrobeats 2.0 playlist

Bump N’ Grind

Apple Music Playlist
Cover art for Bump n grind playlist via iMullar

Whether you’re trying to secure the wickedest whine on a wild night out or prepping for some quality time with your lover, iMullar’s Bump N Grind playlist is sure to set the mood for a pleasurable time.

Listen to the playlist here: Bump n’ Grind Playlist

Melanin Groove

Apple Music Playlists
Melanin groove playlist cover art via iMullar

Dedicated solely to showcasing the different sounds and melodies by our Melanin Queens.

Listen to the playlist here: Melanin Groove playlist

iMullar Takeover: Shatta Wale

Apple Music playlist
Cover art for TAKEOVER – Shatta Wale playlist via iMullar

Shatta Wale exemplifies the idea that taking over is a lifestyle. Formerly known as Bandana, Shatta Wale has released dozens of self-produced hit songs, grabbed 72 international and regional music awards as well as boasting a working relationship with Beyonce after collaborating on the Lion King: The Gift album released in 2019. In celebration of Shatta Wale’s achievements, here are his 50 track-list for his takeover.

Listen to the playlist here: iMullar Takeover: Shatta Wale

East African Connect

Apple Music playlist
EAST AFRICAN CONNECT playlist cover art via iMullar

East Africa is vibrating with a fresh crop of talent who want to be heard. Explore how old and new elements are combined to create refreshing and original sounds unique to its people but enjoyed by the world.

Listen to the playlist here: East African Connect Playlist

Passport Stamps

Apple Music playlist
Passport Stamps playlist cover art via iMullar

Featuring some of the best across-the-continent collaborations, Passport Stamps celebrates Africa’s finest musical exports and the dope records they create with musicians around the world. Fresh and regularly updated, you don’t have to fly first class to catch these vibes. Add it to your library if you find something you like.

Listen to the playlist here: Passport stamps playlist


Apple Music playlist
PREGAME Playlist cover art via iMullar

The party before the party. The perfect jumpstart to a wonderful time.

Listen to the playlist here: Pregame Playlist

Songs You Need

Apple Music Playlist
Songs You Need Playlist cover art via iMullar

Your weekly dose of musical genius from all over the globe featuring songs we can’t stop playing, Songs You Need is a closer look at the artists we have our eyes on currently. The iMullar team is diverse and so is this playlist, soak in the vibes ranging from household names to some undiscovered gems. Signed, Your friends at iMullar!

Listen to the playlist here: Songs You Need Playlist


Apple Music Playlist
Boredom playlist cover art via iMullar

Bored? Join us for a stroll through these streets sipping on Africa’s Finest smoothie. You’d need your headphones for this trip.

Listen to the playlist here: Boredom Playlist


Apple Music Playlist
Wordsmiths playlist cover art via iMullar

Razor sharp lyrics, hypnotic flows, precise punches and compelling storytelling. We scoured the continent to find you the very best lyricists.  Our editors regularly update this playlist—something from here will definitely find its way to your library.

Listen to the playlist here: Wordsmiths playlist

Just Vibes

Apple Music Playlist
Just Vibes playlist cover art via iMullar

Free your mind. Get lost in the moment. Let the feels take over as you go with the flow. With the focus on freeing you, we’ve blended alternative music with a splash of classic R&B tunes to keep you relaxed.

Listen to the playlist here: Just Vibes playlist


Apple Music Playlist
Rated playlist cover art via iMullar

Raw and uncut, iMullar in collaboration with Grungecake brings you the best of both worlds.

Listen to the playlist here: Rated Playlist

Trap House

Apple Music Playlist
Trap house playlist cover art via iMullar

Find your way around the carefully placed bars, perfect flows, hard hitting beats as each song pumps you up. The Trap House is one place to easily lose yourself as the music finds you.

Listen to the playlist here: Trap House Playlist


Apple Music Playlist
Asakaa playlist cover art via iMullar

This emerging drill movement from the streets of Kumasi is spreading like wildfire. Asakaa is derived from the street Twi Language, “Saka” mostly spoken by the youth. The witty, hardcore and sometimes humorous Twi storytelling effectively laid over drill inspired beats is just about the right balance to get any listener hyped.

Listen to playlist here: Asakaa Playlist

Cover arts for each playlist were carefully designed by Maxwell Adjavon and Kojo Oteng to reflect the mood of the playlist. Special credit goes to Daron Bandeira for contributing images which embody the aesthetic and feel of “Melanin Groove” and “Just Vibes”

Add any of the playlists on Apple Music here and if you are an artiste interested in submitting your music to the playlist here’s how to pitch your music: Pitching music for iMullar Playlists

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