8 Things People Say That Sound Like Good Advice But Aren’t

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If you go through our list, you would totally get where we are coming from. There are some things that people say usually that we have come to accept but when you really think about them, they cause more harm than good. We gathered 10 of such sayings below.

1. “Successful entrepreneurs only sleep 4 hours a day”

If you need to rest, REST! If you have to sacrifice some amount of sleep sometimes too, by all means, do that. You cannot go on like a robot. You need to take a break sometimes. Research suggests backsliding a night or two won’t kill you, but over time, all those missing hours can take a serious toll on your health causing obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and frequent mental distress. It also in the long run affects your productivity.

2. “Do not say you will not marry him because he’s jobless. No one knows tomorrow”

You can take this advice if you know the person is actively always searching for a job and keeps doing the menial ones that come their way to survive. These people are actually hungry for success. Avoid people who sit on their buttocks all-day and claim there is no job. Also, I think everyone should be financially ready before marriage. If your partner doesn’t have a job now, what is the guarantee that after the marriage he’ll get a job?

3. “Have another child… it is God that takes care of children”

I cannot stress this enough; give birth only when you’re ready! Children are very very innocent. They do not deserve to be brought into the world to suffer.

4. “Marry him like that, marriage will make him calm down”

Marriage doesn’t change anybody. It doesn’t calm anyone down. They just get better at hiding whatever they’re doing. If a man is cheating repeatedly on you before marriage, there’s a good chance that he’ll still do it after the marriage.

5. “Quit that Job! Go to that vacation!! Buy whatever you want, Life is too short not to have fun!!!”

That’s how you’ll end up penniless and the friends who advised you will not mind you when you ask for money.

6. “Drink to forget your sorrow”

You’ll get drunk, wake up the next day with a hang over and drumroll!! … The problem! Drinking does nothing but provide a distraction.

7. “The patient dog eats the fattest bone.”

You’ll take this literally and end up not fighting for stuff you really want and in the end, all the opportunities would have finished.

8. “There are people who have it worse than you, be grateful.”

This just teaches you to embrace circumstances you don’t want and just want to be changed. Just as people have it worse than you, there are others who also have it better. Why do we have to look at just one side of the spectrum?

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