5 Tips That Are Sure To Make You Speak More Confidently

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Are you the type that finds that having you’re quite comfortable speaking to people. But then you’re put in front of a crowd and you literally can’t say what you need to to save your own life. There are some easy tricks that you’re going to keep hearing. Picture everyone naked, or stare at one face in the crowd. And while that might work for you while you’re on the spot, they might also not.

So instead, how about we think of some things that act as a more long-term solution. Let’s get you public speaking with these very solid tips, if I do say so myself.


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Although some public speaking events are impromptu, you can plan for the ones that you know are coming. Know what you’re going to say beforehand and actually practice saying it. Something that helps with that is recording yourself while you speak. This will give you a fair idea of how you sound yourself. You will know where your pauses should go, where you think you could sound better and other stuff like that. Also, hearing yourself speak and nail your speech should make you more confident when you’re giving the actual speech.

Don’t Turn Statements Into Questions

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One sign that someone is unsure of themselves when they’re speaking is that everything they say is a question. This can make it difficult for people listening to realize when you’re actually asking them a question. It also doesn’t help your delivery. Everyone listening to you will also be able to tell that you’re not confident about what you’re saying. Maintain an even tone of voice and finish your sentences without allowing your voice to raise up at the ends of them.

Slow Down

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When you’re nervous, you naturally start speaking faster, and this can make it difficult for people to connect with what you’re saying. And then, in addition to that it will be harder for you to relax when keep talking so fast. Instead, slow down and get comfortable with the material that you’re trying to put across.

Use Your Hands

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Body language is one of the most important aspects of communication. In fact, the words that you say only make up 7% of how you’re perceived. The rest of that, what people think of what you’re saying, comes from your tone (38%) and body language (55%). So, when you fidget or play with your shirt while giving a speech, it’s obvious just how nervous you are about the speech that you’re giving. Instead, use gestures that show just how you believe in the material that you’re trying to put across.

No Filler!

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“Errm … Sorry, but … I don’t know if …” No. None of all that stuff. When you’re speaking, don’t say things that tell people that you don’t believe in what you’re saying before you’ve even said it. These can of crutches can be difficult to overcome, but again, practice will really help with this.

Finally, you want to stay hydrated, which enhances the sound of your voice. And you want to smile, as well. After all, nothing says confident like a smile.

Hopefully, some of these tips help to make your next speech/public speaking event better.

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