5 Avoidable Online Dating Mistakes People Miss

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A lot of Ghanaians rubbish the idea of finding love online through dating sites but that is the reality of some others. Adulting can be so hard that you may not even be able to catch 5 seconds for yourself, let alone finding time to go out and meet new people which is why online dating is really necessary for some people.

If you plan on giving online sites a chance, check out these mistakes you should avoid at all cost.

1. Using questionable pictures

Weird in every sense of the word because this is the picture people will look at it to get their first impression about you. Using blurry pictures, pictures with multiple people in them or pictures with your face obscured. If they can’t tell what exactly you look like, they may not be moved to text you.

2. Sending terrible messages

Just send normal texts to people. Don’t go and type long epistles and assume they have the time to read them. Just be nice. Go straight to the point. Find something both of you have in common and use it as an ice breaker. Don’t type “Hi” and leave it at that; you may not receive any response.

3. Lying on your profile

Just say your truth on your profile. There’s no need to lie because eventually, the truth will still come out. If you’re overweight, don’t say you’re slim. What happens if the chat continues and you people decide to meet in real life?

4. Stalking people

If you haven’t received a response from the people you’ve texted, please don’t go stalking them. The fact that you think they’re your perfect match doesn’t mean they actually are. They may not be interested in you and texting them too many times will not do anything for you but maybe get you blocked.

5. Beating about the bush

People are on there for different reasons. Some are looking for love, others are looking for one night stands and the likes. Don’t go leading people on when you know you want something entirely different from what they want.

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