10 Twitter Users Talk About Things That Feel Like Christianity But Aren’t

It’s always interesting to see different opinions on the TL when it comes to Christianity and when a Twitter user posted about this topic, almost everyone jumped on it.

Of course there were a lot of toes stepped on as people dragged certain denominations and churches while others too were emphasizing why they were atheists since Christians can’t agree on some things.

1. I think we all know who this sub is for…

2. Threats…

3. Everyone died but God spared my life…

4. Who are we to say no?

5. How many of you are on this table?

6. Shots fired

7. Money in exchange for prayers

8. Sharing the Word with microphones …


9. Who else gets angry at things like this?

10. Are you on this table? 👀

Lol! What else feels like Christianity but definitely isn’t? Let us know in the comments section.

Source: kuulpeeps.com

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