Listen To Cellus Hamilton & Brittney Carter’s Smooth Bars On The Chill Record, “Same War”

Atlanta meets Chicago in this lyrical duel of wordsmiths. Both Kendrick Lamar & Lauryn Hill are absolutely beaming with pride watching these two emerging emcees.

Cellus Hamilton, an Atlanta hiphop artist, has teamed up with Brittney Carter, a smooth lyricist hailing from Chicago, to release one of the most amazing songs of the year.

The video, directed by Ty J Davis, captures all of the vibes associated with such a “feel-good” record. As we have all experienced a crazy year, “Same War” is the medicine we didn’t know we needed.

The smooth track features production from Temper, and serves as a reminder that good music will always ease your soul. Make sure you stream “Same War” on all platforms.

Watch the video below:

press release

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