Watch Trailer for Kevin Hart’s New Netflix Special ‘Zero F**ks Given’

Watch Trailer for Kevin Hart's New Netflix Special 'Zero F**ks Given'

The comedic rockstar is making his return. But instead of gracing sold out arenas or a football stadium, Kevin Hart has decided to invite the world into his home for his latest special, Zero Fucks Given.

Hart and Netflix released the trailer for Zero Fucks Given on Friday. In the minute and a half promo, Hart explains that he’s created a comedy atmosphere in his home because it’s the only place where he feels safe during this pandemic. However, this is Kevin Hart we’re talking about. So unlike the average American, the comedian’s living room is big enough to hold a small stage and socially distance the handful of people in attendance.

Like his previous special, Hart doesn’t shy away from the topics that kept him in the headlines. He informs the audience that he’ll continue talking about his family and children because that’s all he has following his cheating scandal. Hart also toys with the concept of cancel culture since his celebrity always seems to be on the chopping block due to public opinion. Outside of his personal struggles, the comedian addresses the elephant in the room by detailing America’s reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kevin Hart’s Zero Fucks Given will hit Netflix on Tuesday, Nov. 17. Watch Hart’s trailer for the special below

Source: Complex.

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