What’s New On Netflix: Holidate, A Dirty Rom-Com That’s Hilarious—And Forgettable

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We’re very close to the holiday season. And every year around this time, Hollywood tries to capitalize on the feels that come with the season and sell us some holiday-themed movies. Today, we’re talking about one of Netflix’s new holiday releases, Holidate.

Holidate is a movie that you’re probably not going to regret watching. Honestly, it is the most fun that I’ve had watching a movie in forever. No, seriously. Brace yourself: this movie will have you laughing so hard that you might choke on your snack and spit water out everywhere.

Just to be clear though, you have no proof that I’m talking from experience.

Everything That The Movie Doesn’t Get Right

Shot from Holidate movie on Netflix

If we judged romantic comedies by their premises, I doubt you would be able to find one that holds up. Romantic comedies usually have plots that are unrealistic, but we let them sell us the lie anyway because we’re in the mood for it.

Imagine your family constantly telling you that you need to be with someone because your older sister has a family and kids, and your younger brother just got married too. You would want to do something about that.

The Holidate premise sees two single people who have equally shitty love lives come together and act as each other’s dates—but just for the holidays. They also agree that everything is going to be platonic, but you and I both know how that ends.

Basically, Holidate jumps from holiday to holiday following two very attractive people trying to avoid catching feelings for each other. Story-wise Holidate just doesn’t have enough depth, and it won’t catch you in feels or anything. The story is entirely predictable, except of course, for the absolutely unpredictable comedic moments.

What The Movie Gets Right

Shot from Holidate movie on Netflix

What the movie gets right is spontaneity. Although you can tell what the general direction of the plot is, at any given point in time, you have absolutely no idea what is going to happen. And that’s exactly what you would expect from a good comedy. Of course, Holidate also gives you an enormous dose of adult humour.

You definitely want to watch this movies with earphones on. Watch the trailer for Holidate below.

If you’re looking for a movie to watch with your person, then this is definitely a good choice.

Kuulpeeps Rating: 5/10.
Great Chemistry Between The Leads. HILARIOUS. Unremarkable Story.

Source: Kuulpeeps.com


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