The ScrippT Merch Is In And It Is What Ghana Needs

Deya Army rejoice! Long time supporters of popular Ghanaian influencer Nathaniel Boateng, also known as ScrippT, have been waiting patiently for the long-awaited merch drop he teased over the years on all his social media platforms.

Well, that drop is here, and as we expected, it is next-level greatness. Greatness for Ghana and greatness to the world, this is no ordinary influencer merch drop.

This is ScrippT’s own soul and a very fashionable love letter to all his followers and supporters. This is what makes it that one thing Ghanaians, and quite honestly, the entire world didn’t know it needed.

From tracksuits to hoodies in colours you’d never expect, it is safe to say Nathaniel pulled out all the stops with this. It is his mentality to make everybody realize the fact that we all are different, and it is our differences that make us unique, and this message can be seen and felt in every article of clothing and more in this collection of our dreams.

A man of many talents and a man of high ambition, Nathaniel sees this as a means to be bold in your self-expression and to find comfort in being different and standing out.

This is a merch drop with a message, and looking at the amount of effort and love he puts into his skilful craft of being the king of Ghanaian social media, we all are beyond excited for what ScrippT plans on doing with this because we know for a fact that it is something absolutely glorious.

Be sure to visit and buy from and follow the official ScrippT merch Instagram page @scripptmerch, so you can swear your allegiance to #TEAMDEYA and live young, wild and free!


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