8 Ladies Talk About The First Time They Bought A Post-Pill From A Pharmacy

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The morning-after pill is a type of emergency birth control (contraception). Emergency contraception is used to prevent pregnancy for women who’ve had unprotected sex. Buying contraceptives is usually very uncomfortable for the average Ghanaian because of the stigma around sex. A large number of people engage in sexual activities but we like to pretend that “sex” doesn’t exist. If you go get condoms or contraceptives from some pharmacies, they look at you judgementally and it affects your decision to make the next purchase. Because of judgement, a lot of people move from their areas in search of contraceptives because nobody knows them in those new areas.

We had a chat with a few ladies asking about their experiences the first time they went to get their post pill and this is what they said.

1. Charlotte – 24 years

“This happened in level 100. I remember I went to the Legon Hall pharmacy and there were 2 ladies there. When I was at the counter, I whispered that I wanted to buy a post pill. The woman kept asking “A What??” then I would whisper “a postpill”. This happened twice then I eventually had to shout it before she decided to mind me. The eyes she was giving me er! She asked me if I knew how to use it and I was standing there feeling “basaaa”. I told her yes and left.”

2. Lillian – 23 years

“The first time I bought the morning after pill was January last year. Even though I knew that he didn’t cum in me, I still wasn’t 100% sure because it was my first time. I came home and told my mum about it and she advised that I went to get Lydia so I went to the pharmacy and did just that. When I went, I didn’t even mind anyone. I went to request for it with vim. They were looking at me in a weird way because I look younger than my age. They asked how old I was and I asked them why they wanted to know. They said they just wanted to know and I told them I was 23 years. “Why? Any problem?” Then she said oh nothing. She gave me the pill and I left. I wasn’t feeling too awkward because it’s something to protect me from having a child so I it’s not a big deal for me. I really don’t care about them”

3. Claire – 25 years

“I don’t know if this qualifies as my first time but here goes. In level 200, I, my roommate and her boyfriend went to TF to buy post pills. I didn’t know those were the drugs they were going to get. When we got there, we waited for everyone to buy what they were getting before we entered and I kept asking what at all they were going to buy. When we finally entered, the guy requested for the pill and it all finally made sense. My roommate started telling me some lies about how the drugs were for the guy’s sister as if I was naive and a kid. Didn’t I know what they did in the room? Tsw”

4. Caroline – 27 years

“So we both didn’t know the semen status in me so we had to go buy it because if I got pregnant, he’ll be a daddy for real. In fact, he was the one going to buy it. I was just escorting him there. He was shy but we move innit? I stood outside saf and waited for him to come back.”

5. Ivy – 25 years

“I entered the pharmacy like I was on a call and I was like “Hello, what did you say I should buy? Ah, Lydia? Hello, please do you have Lydia?” They said yes they had and I continued with my fake call saying “Oh yeeaah, they said they have some so I will call you back later.” Lmao!!”

6. Alice – 24 years

“I was so confused then. The guy I slept with at the time was overly prepared even though we were virgins; he had post pills ready for me to use. We had sex in the night and I took one of the pills afterwards, the next one was supposed to be taken a few hours after so we slept. At dawn the next day, we had sex again and I eventually took the second pill. I though it wasn’t enough. I thought the pills I took were for just the first round of sex. Lmao!! I moved to a different town to go and get another pill because everyone knows my mum in my area. Lmao!”

7. Samantha – 27 years

“Oh I actually just walked into the pharmacy and went straight to the pharmacist and said I wanted a post pill. They told me they didn’t sell some there but there was another pharmacist there who had some in his pharmacy. I told him and he drove me to his pharmacy and got me one. Since it was my first time, he directed me as to how it should be used. I wasn’t shy. I am preventing unwanted pregnancy chale”

8. Clara – 25 years

“I have never been shy about things like this. I psyched myself up and entered the pharmacy and requested for one. I remember even taking it at the pharmacy. I sent my water there so once I got the pill, I swallowed it with my water and and put the empty container in the bin. I can’t trust others to get it for me. I’m taking care of my future.”

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