3 Ways To Be A Good Imposter In Among Us

In case you didn’t know, the game that is by far the most enjoyable and the most fun in this wild year 2020 is Among Us, where you and some crewmates are stuck on a ship performing specific tasks and avoiding death by the hands of an impostor, who is among the crewmates. (Get it? Among Us?).

This game is absolutely brilliant, as you can randomly be a regular crewmate or an impostor.

Here are 3 ways to master the art of being an impostor in Among Us that’ll make you the best. And don’t come back if until you win!

Use vents

If you’re an impostor, an exclusive feature you get is being able to access vents on the ship. These come in so handy for a little sneak attack and to kill crewmates discreetly.

Use the sabotage feature

The sabotage feature is truly the most underrated part of being an impostor. These help to trap specific crewmates in whatever area they’re in for a smooth and quick kill.

Only kill crewmates when no one’s around

Probably the one thing that makes every crewmate think you’re acting sus is when you kill someone in the presence of a lot of people. An empty place or a place where there’s not so many people is the most ideal to kill

Do you play Among Us? What’s your favourite role to play; crewmate or impostor? Sound off in the comments below!


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