The 10 Most Played Ghanaian Songs On Radio Last Week

Sarkodie and Kuami Eugene image via video for Happy Day

From Ghud Music’s Top 10 most played songs on radio…it seems in Accra, we do nothing but play the same songs over and over again!

For the week ending on 5th November these are the ten most played songs on radio per Good Music’s radio analysing chart. 

1. Open Gate

Look, Ghud Music needs to give Kuami Eugene an award for consistently being at number 1 for weeks. Sometimes the song drops and goes down a few places but, you better believe it’d climb up again…straight to number one!

2. Happy Day

Not surprisingly, Sarkodie’s song with Kuami Eugene has appeared on the charts right after it was released. Honestly, there’s no radio station that isn’t playing this song right now. It won’t be surprising to see it at number 1 next week.

3. Enjoyment

Kidi’s Enjoyment was released early this year and you’d be surprised how often the song is always on the charts. It almost looks like, despite the COVID pandemic and all, Ghanaians just want to kill somebody with enjoyment.

4. No Dulling

Anyone else notice the pattern here? Top 4 most played songs and Kuami Eugene’s vocals are on three of them! I’m surprised No Dulling isn’t at number 3 tho because Kuami Eugene made the song the ball of fire that it is.


Another song that’s stuck on the charts. I’m pretty sure a lot of radio stations use it to start their day because…there’s something about this song that’s not disappearing from Ghanaians’ minds soon. When was the last time a freestyle went viral and forced the artiste to release it officially on streaming platforms?? Stonebwoy spoil there.

For Number 6 through to 10, check out the full chart and other Ghud Music charts on Instagram below:


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