Having An Opinion And Other Things That Mean You Don’t Respect In Ghana

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It’s no secret that we live in a conservative country, but sometimes older people use that as an excuse to be borderline unreasonable. How far is too far? What are some of the most ridiculous things that older people use to brand us the youth as being disrespectful.

We’re going to answer that question. Here are some of the most absurd things that you can’t do as a youth—otherwise, you don’t respect.

Disagreeing With Them

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Whenever you disagree with an elderly person, it gets a bit weird. First of all, you can’t lose your temper, even if they lose theirs. But then, even when you’re calmly disagreeing with something they’re saying, you’re being disrespectful. So…basically, thinking you’re right (even when in fact, you are) is disrespectful.

Asking To Be Treated With Respect

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If you don’t like the way that an older person talks to you (we’ll not even mention the things that count as harassment right now), you can’t say so. Is it really a crime to have a preference when it comes to how you’re addressed just because you’re young? You aren’t entitled to diplomacy because a person has kids your age?

The Way That You Dress

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Sometimes, you’ll get spoken to badly simply because of the way that you’re dressed. Of course, we live in a conservative society and most people will agree that showing cleavage up to three buttons down at the office is a bit too far. But how a person is dressed shouldn’t instantly make you form opinions about their behaviour. Again, diplomacy is not overrated. If you talk to people like they are deserving of respect, you will be able to better get them to hear what you’re saying.

Calling Them Out When They Do Something Wrong

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Sometimes, it can feel like accountability only goes one way. The youth are told to do as they’re told, and not as they see. And whenever you try to call out an older person for doing something that you both know is wrong, it can be branded as disrespect. Accountability expected form the youth is not the same as what’s expected from older people.

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