Worlasi Honored M.anifest, Hammer Of The Last Two, Wiyaala And FOKN Bois At Worlafest 2020

Actor Fred Amugi presents the Award to Hammer Of The Last Two. (Image via Kuulpeeps.com)

Worlasi honored M.anifest, Hammer of the Last Two, Wiyaala, and FOKN Bois to their impact in his life as a musician.

On Saturday, as part of Worlasi’s annual concert Worlafest, Worlasi dedicated part of the time to honor people who have had a huge impact on his career one way or the other.

Speaking about Hammer of the Last Two, Worlasi said, he used the beats of Hammer as a blueprint to learn how to create beats. Legendary Actor Fred Amugi presented the Award to Hammer.

According to Worlasi, M.anifest helped him in the music industry. He also stated that he adored M.anifest and his personality and humility as a musician.

Worlasi in honoring Wiyaala said, he liked how Wiyaala had set her own path and was working to push Ghana with her music. He also said he admired how Wiyaala toured across the world challenging him to do the same.

Worlasi on FOKN Bois, said he admired their care-free life and their massive contributions to his music and his growth as an artiste.

Worlafest2020 was an amazing concert with a very responsive crowd. The event featured performances from Senku Band, Lil Shaker, Kwaaka, and M.anifest. Asi held us spellbound with her voice, Adomaa performed songs off her Barely Adomaa project, Marince Omario seems to have got new fans after his performance; Kafui Chordz, Reynolds The Gentleman and other new performers did extremely amazing with their performance.

Source: Kuulpeeps

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